About Banks University.

Our Story:

Banks University is on a mission to show people that Reselling Digital Products is much more than just a possibility to earn a lot of money. It is the vehicle that lets you live your life just how you always imagined and wished for. 

We believe that it is a myth that you need to waste your life in a job that makes you unhappy and that pays you just enough to get by. And it is also a myth that you need to start a risky business that requires a ton of investment, that takes all of your time and makes you totally dependent on one location.

In order to start this business you only need a laptop and an internet connection.

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Lenny Banks Is The Founder

and CEO of Banks University. Early in his life he realized that he is not made for the normal 9-5 life and just 2 weeks before his high school diploma he decided to drop out of school to “become a millionaire on the internet.”  No idea how or what he would do, he went all in. Countless failures and trial and errors later, him and his brother Nick, discovered E-Commerce, selling physical products on little online shops. The brothers realized quickly that physical products have a very low profit margin and therefore can’t pay the bills and live the life which they wanted.

By accident they got introduced to the process of reselling digital products. Intrigued by the low competition, a 90%-100% profit margin and the insane scalability they got hooked.

“Reselling already created digital products is like E-Commerce but much more profitable and without all the problems.”

And The Best Part Is

We‘re talking 90%+ profit margin, never showing their own face and without having an own product. The advanced form of E-Commerce was born: Reselling Digital Products.

Lenny Banks shares with his 100,000 followers everyday that achieving financial freedom while travelling the world and being your own boss does not have to stay a dream. He is a living proof that everybody can live the good life if they combine the right mindset with the right strategies. Today, Lenny lives the life that he dreamed of.

And, In the last years he has helped over 1000 people to start and scale their profitable online business and build a dream life that they always desired.

Lenny mainly thrives for two specific goals and are also his major ‘Why’  which keeps him pushing for better: First is Fulfilling his and his family’s dreams by giving them the best life and making them proud.

Secondly, Lenny wants to help as many people achieve the same goals that he achieved by hard work, perseverance and most of all right mindset.

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Our Team.

The Minds Behind Banks University

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Nick Banks


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Lenny Banks


Khushi Diwari, banks university, banks consulting

Khushi Diwari

Head of Sales

John Dexter, banks university, banks consulting

John Dexter

Head of Talent Scout

Tato Bonilla, banks university, banks consulting

Tato Bonilla


Divi Tiwari, banks university, banks consulting

Divi Tiwari

Head Consultant

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Maria De La Cruz

Communications Manager

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