Banks University Reviews.

This is how our everyday clients success in our private client community looks like!

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Alejandro Rodríguez

Alejandro joined when he was only 17 years old. When he joined his digital product business was at below $10,000 a month. Within the first 40 days, he made $20,000. After 3 months into the program, he is making $50,000 per month at age 18.

Mirza Azhar

Mirza joined the program because he was fed up with his offline job and wanted to enjoy the advantages of an online business.
He joined with no idea of what his niche would be or what product he would sell. Within the first 27 days he hit $10,000. In month 3 he had his first $40,000!

Mirza Azhar
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Lea Weckesser

Lea took reselling digital products to a whole new level. She started reselling a course about rabbit breading. In the first 27 days she made $6,000. In the following 30 days she even scaled $10,000. After automating this product he travelled to Brazil and started her next website. This shows how limitless this business model is.

Mohammad Yusuf

For the first couple of months, Mohammad was inconsistent with his action. One month he ended with $3,000. The other month he ended with $5,000. After he saw the results of the other students at Banks University left and right, he decided to take it “100% serious” and applied the strategies without second-guessing. He now runs an automated website that generates $32,000 per month. 

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Furkan Gedik

Furkan started with Banks University without any idea how this business model works. In the second month of working with Banks University he made close to $20,000. 6 months in he is at a monthly revenue of $50,000.

Lawrence Whatman

Lawrence started from scratch. After a month of procrastinating he started to take things seriously and put it the work to scale his business to $20,000 per week ($80,000 per month)

Lawrence hits 20k per week 80k per month

Daniel Ferl

Daniel was one of the first students working with Banks University. Working with Lenny he managed to scale his sales to $60,000 within the first 2-3 months.

Within the first 18 months he made just over $1,200,000 in revenue.

Sabrina & Martina

Sabrina & Martina’s digital product helps people to improve their gut health. Massive action enabled them to push their business to making $14,000 in the first 13 days. 2-3 months into the business they are at $35,000 per month.

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Beate Hoffmann

Beate was at first unsure if she should join or not. She was not fully convinced whether this would work for her or not. The first month proved her decision to be right. She took massive action and managed to hit $50,000 in sales. 4 months later she even scaled her business to $120,000 in a single month. And the best: She did that while traveling to multiple countries.

James Akouete

James joined Banks University and took a special approach. He focused only in the french speaking market. In the first month he ended at $9,000 in profit. He now automated his digital product business that brings him on average $15,000 per month.

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Fatima & Robin

Fatima and Robin hit $12,000 with their digital product. When they joined Banks University they started from scratch and had no idea how this business model works.

Dominik Schmitt

Dominik started his Digital Product Business completely from scratch and generated over $17,000 profit within the first 20 days.

“Directly after we joined we had the 90 min action plan call (which is so professional and doesn’t leave any room for errors) and as a result I closed $6,000 within the first 4 days.

Now I see a clear path to first go to $50k and then $100k per month.”

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Alex Lieberg

Alex is the perfect example of how powerful our strategy framework is. Within the first 30 days he scaled his digital product business to $34,000.

Chris Tenie

Chris made $4,000 in the first week of starting his online business. In the following weeks he scaled to over $40,000 in profit. 

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Usama 2

Usama Khalid

Usama joined Banks University end of November. On December 2nd he already collected his first $10,000 in his bank account.

“First I had my $10k cash collected in a month. Then I had $10k cash collected in a week.

Recently I closed $10k sales in less than 48 hours
Am overall now close to hit my $100k mark in the first year … Still have 2 months”

Imran Jimoh

Only 14 days after Imran joined Banks University he hit $8,000 in profit. When he joined he had no product to sell and no idea how this business model works.

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Nurlan Pouchak

Nurlan crushed it and made $6,000 in his first 15 days of joining Banks University.

Leo Ramos

Leo sells a digital product in the architecture industry. This narrow positioning enables him to charge prices of $2,000+. His monthly sales of $10,000 are only 5 sales per month.

p. Lehner

Patrick Lehner

Patrick is the perfect example of how to scale a digital product business to passive and consistent $20,000 per month while traveling all over the world. 

Paul Zimney

Paul scaled his digital product resell business to $11,000 per month.

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Steffan Alischer

Steffan joined Banks University because he was done with selling physical products. After making the change into digital products he fell in love with the 100% profit margin. He scaled his business to $9,000 per month.

Tania Rachanivarakonkul

Tania built her digital product resell business from Thailand, selling to the thai market. She is the perfect example that this business model works in nearly every niche and in nearly any market. Tania made $5,500 in profit in her first 14 days from scratch. In the following months she scaled to multiple 5 figures in profit.

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Michael Coyle

Michael Coyle

Michael scaled his digital product business to $25,000 per month. 

Robert McVie

Robert joined Banks University and made $7,800 in his first 3 weeks.

Robert McVie

Devid Steinbrecher

Devid joined Banks University and hit $4,000 only 24 hours after launching. He later scaled to over $20,000 per month.

Experience The Wins Yourself.

This is how our everyday clients success in our private client community looks like!

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Franz 500
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Matt Schmidt 4.5k
Jarom Mezza 2000
Max Kirsanov 2500 Euro
Pawel 3k
Paul Zimney 11k
Riccardo 1800 in 24 hours
Screen Shot 2022 02 23 at 8.07.50 PM
Ricci Pastore 2k
Sheyna 1000
Robin Bal 3k
Louis Shalam 1200
Leanda Charles 700
Igor Stolc 500
Lea Weckesser
Benedikt Pilz 500
Patrick Lehner 20k
Screen Shot 2022 02 23 at 8.07.28 PM
IMG 4912
Leon H. E2.5k
Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 8.24.52 PM
Robert McVie 7800 Day
Mirza E9k week
Robin Bal E3k
First 4k Sale
Furkan E7500 in 4 days
Birthday 1200 for Lennys
Alejandro Roudrigez6
Leon H. 5k
Furkan E13500
Mirza 26k earned in the program so far
Alejandro 10k 11 days into june
Mirza 40k in a day
IMG 9307
James A. E9k in 2 weeks
70 of Teachers salary
7800 in 3 days